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Nature InSight

Services with Ecologist, Wildlife Guide, Conservationist – Scott Wilbor

Birds/Wildlife Guiding: Are you visiting Southeast, Arizona (Tucson and surrounds, Green Valley, Tubac, or Patagonia) and looking to get out and see wildlife, especially birds, and nature, in some of our spectacular desert, riparian, mountain, and canyon habitats? 

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Guided Explorations of Southeast Arizona

Personalized birding and wildlife guiding services (for all levels of experience!), plus opportunities to learn about species’ habitats & ecology, our ecosystems, and their conservation issues.  Most importantly to have fun and adventures seeking out extraordinary birds & wildlife in amazing Southeast Arizona places! Explore here!

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Not all those who wander are lost.


Photo credits: Desert Evening-Primrose, S. Wilbor; Sonoran Desert Tortoise, S. Wilbor; California Poppy, S. Wilbor; Western Tanager, Alan Schmeirer; Fairy Duster, S. Wilbor; Unidentified plant, Matt Griffiths; Gilded Flicker, Alan Schmeirer.

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