Happy Notes and Field Pics

We had a blast yesterday, thanks again so much.  All the best Scott, and thanks again for your time and patience!

Terri K. Ontario, CAN, Fall 2021

I had the best time on our excursion– thank you again so much!  I’ll reach out the next time I’m in Tucson for more adventures!

Julia L., Pennsylvania, Fall 2021

I hope I adequately convened my appreciation for our day birding together. I enjoyed getting to know you and sharing such a special area together. I could tell that you put a lot of thought into making this a full experience. I had a ball.

Cathy S., Arizona, Fall 2021 (Photographer)

Thank you for an amazing day yesterday!  Jeff and I both enjoyed it!  It was a great experience and especially as we are learning.  Thank you again for a great day.

Beth B., Arizona, Summer 2021

I wanted to thank you for being such a great guide.  You have a wonderful way of teaching and a calm, peaceful approach.  And at the same time excited by birds you have probably seen a million times.  We had a great time.

Gail K., Arizona, Spring 2021

Thank you for doing such a wonderful job with my grandson yesterday. I also learned a thing or two too.  I have never been birding with an experienced birder.  And just being outside exploring makes me happy. 

Heidi and Macklin (9 yrs. old) F., Washington, Spring 2021

Great day…thanks again…ice pack on my back and rigor mortis is taking over….all worth it!

Judith S.,  Oregon, Spring 2021

It was a great experience and I appreciated how knowledgeable you are with the birds.  Nice to get those 5 lifers.

Duane H.,  Pennsylvania, Spring 2021

Thank you for a great day of birding today.  This was one of those days that will live on in my personal annals of birding. (Ha! He fell into the Santa Cruz River!)

Tim H., Michigan, Spring 2021

Scott what a great day you provided for us, much fun!!!

Jim and Melinda E., Maryland, Spring 2021

Thank you again for your guidance and expertise on our trip.  We sang your praises throughout the rest of our time in SE AZ as you taught us so much that it made our time there so much more enjoyable. 

Jayne and Tami, Alaska, Spring 2021

Thanks for your excellent guiding efforts with us.  And…Thanks so much for your great and patient guiding.  We had a great time!

Doug and Peggy, A., Idaho, Spring 2021 (Photographers)

Scott!  We had a super time with you!  We are talking about another trip this way in the future and will definitely schedule with you.

Marlyn S., Nevada, Spring 2021

It was seriously one of the most fun days of my life.  I know, sappy, but true!  I’ve never met anyone with your knowledge of nature, birds, and bird vocals!  I learned so much.  I hope to get back down there soon.

Jill C., Arizona, Spring 2021 (Photographer)

We had a great time birding with you.  It was so interesting seeing all those birds that we never see here.  We really liked all the other information on the region that you shared with us as well.  (2 days with me)

Eric and Gloria S., Michigan, Spring 2021

Our bucket is brimming with a lot of lifer birds during this trip.  So, so happy.  So glad we came.  And can’t thank you enough.  Learned so much from you.  We had a great time with you.  (3 days of bird photography with me)

Rudra and Anay (8 yrs. old) S., Connecticut, Spring 2021 (Both photographers!)

I had such a wonderful time – you were patient and explained so much in helping distinguish different species (darn flycatchers), identifying calls and were just as excited as I was to find everything we found.  I had such a wonderful day…

Kelly B., Ohio, Spring 2021

Photos provided by clients. Sincere thank you to: Doug A., Jill C., and Tami B.